We are a local data driven real estate company with a vision of improving our City with strategic projects that benefit all.

Our history

Successfully under writing commercial real estate projects for over 5 years.

Achieving successful commercial real estate projects is no accident. It takes many years of experience and requires being in charge of complex variables that are moving at all times. Our flawless track record of acquisitions and proper underwriting positions us to be one of Reno’s top developers. 

Living and working in the City has allowed us to connect with local contractors, property owners, officials and the remainders of the community. These relationships greatly help us guide our company profitably for our team and our investors.

Our mission

To create generational wealth through commercial real estate using creative, responsible and profitable strategies. Our goal is to connect our investors to high-quality community assets with long-term income-producing value. 

Our principles

We plan for the long term, and design our projects to last for generations. We are purposeful about every aspect of the development process – from the land we choose to work on to the functionality and flow of our design.